Top 3 Best AI Tools For Advertising in 2024

Top 3 Best AI Tools For Advertising in 2024

Have you been looking for How can AI be used in advertising lately? While some may fear that the robots will take our jobs away, we believe they are here to make us better at what we do—especially in terms of the Best AI tools for advertising!

For small teams or solo marketers looking to expand their reach and analytics capabilities, AI marketing software can be the difference between success and failure.

With the right AI marketing software, even small companies with limited budgets can compete with big players.

With AI marketing software, you can draft content, create social captions that are SEO-friendly, convert a blog post to a video, propose an ad strategy, and more.

Think of what your marketing department could do with a bit of (digital) help!

Are you ready to take your advertising to the next level with the help of the best AI tools for advertising free? Read on to find out our top 10 best AI tools for advertising in 2024.

Top 3 Best AI Tools For Advertising in 2024 To Gain Tailored Target Audience

What is the best AI for marketing? Before we jump into our list of the best AI tools for advertising in 2024, let’s be clear: the ‘best’ software for you will depend entirely on your social media or advertising objectives.

So, before you dive headfirst into automation and embrace every tool listed here, take a moment to consider what areas of your current workflow could use some scaling or optimization.

1. Ad Creative is a popular AI tool for advertising, enabling users to create conversion-oriented ad creatives, messages, audiences, and strategies in seconds.

It’s the only generative AI specifically designed for advertisers, allowing for efficient and effective tactics. One of the most popular features, “Competitor insights AI,” has gone viral!

You can see your competitors’ best-performing advertising and get inspiration to create even better ads in seconds.

How To Use Ad Creative

  • Visit the official website of Adcreative and sign up.
  • Login to your dashboard.
  • Enter required details like your brand name, logo, and brand colors from the given color palettes.
  • Let the AI populate the fonts and colors.
  • Connect your existing ad accounts and/or your client accounts.
  • Click “Save Brand” to jump into the next step.
  • Land into the “Creative Format” section format your story and post size and click “Save and Continue”.
  • Upload a background and product image. Search images from the Image Search Engine button and remove unwanted backgrounds from the Background Remover button. Click Save and Continue.
  • Choose the option “Create A Post” and you are done.


  • Offers AI-powered ad creation in minutes.
  • With the software, you can create high-quality ad content in a matter of clicks, saving you a lot of time and effort during the creation process.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface and is beneficial for both beginners and experts.
  • The platform gives you ad insights so you can learn more about your campaigns.
  • It has won several awards on G2’s reviews site, showing that it’s one of the most respected and successful companies in the industry.


  • If you need to fine-tune your ads or you have high branding requirements, may not be the right choice for you.
  • Limited customization is available although a huge number of templates are available.
  • The speed and efficiency of the software can come at the cost of a lot of customization.

2. Simplified

Simplified is an all-in-one Ai-focussed digital design platform that streamlines the process of creating brand content, scalability, and collaboration.

From templates to one-click publishing and a real-time collaborative workflow, Simplified helps streamline workflows, automate tasks, and save time when publishing and editing media across multiple platforms.

How to use AI tools in digital marketing and who can use them?

These digital marketing tools are very easy to use and are basically meant for bloggers, copywriters, small business owners, graphic designers, freelancers, marketers, and students.

How To Use Simplified

  • Visit Simplified’s official website and sign up with an email, Gmail account, or Facebook.
  • Head on to your dashboard and click on “AI Writing”.
  • Hit the AI templates and choose a template.
  • Feed it with keywords and generate AI-backed content.
  • Use the Rewrite tool to organize and refine your thoughts.
  • Give the content your personal touch.
  • Export your content.


  • Simplified AI is designed to be user-friendly, even for those who don’t have any prior coding experience. This means that anyone can build and maintain their own website without needing to hire a web developer.
  • With Simplified AI’s vast selection of free and customizable templates, you’ll be able to build a website that matches your brand and personality.
  • The user experience is easy-to-understand and user-friendly, allowing users to easily navigate and utilize the platform.
  • The advantage of Simplified AI is that it’s free to use for personal use. That means you don’t have to pay anything to set up and manage your website.
  • The platform enables real-time team collaboration, allowing all team members to work together to build and maintain the website.
  • The AI text generator creates a high-quality copy of the text, saving users time and energy when writing content.


  • Simplified AI’s translation tool isn’t very precise, so you may have to manually modify the translated content.
  • There are a few problems with the website’s loading time that can cause problems for users. This is the same for templates as well.
  • Simplified AI doesn’t integrate with popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, so users can’t easily access or share files.
  • Some tools limit the number of characters. This can be a hindrance for users who want to write longer posts.
  • Simplified AI may not be suitable for large enterprises or websites with a lot of users or data.

3. Pencil

Combining creative humans with generative AI, Pencil AI creates winning ads in a fraction of the time.

With an ad spend dataset of nearly $2 billion, Pencil AI helps businesses create limitless ad creatives that are predicted to rank among the top four in their industry.

With powerful tools and deep insights, Pencil AI, the Best AI tool for advertising in the USA, fine-tunes ad strategy, enabling real-time editing and delivering optimal results.

How To Use Pencil

  • Visit and sign up.
  • Login and connect your ad accounts.
  • Set up your brand kit.
  • Upload your assets.
  • Set your targets as per the next steps on the platform.
  • Get. Set. Go!


  • Pencil’s AI-powered ad creatives save time and resources, allowing companies to focus on other marketing areas, and reducing the effort required for high-quality ads.
  • Pencil offers businesses unlimited ad creatives, providing a constant stream of new content, particularly beneficial for those running frequent campaigns or requiring frequent ad variants.
  • Pencil, powered by artificial intelligence, learns from ad performance and optimizes future creatives, increasing conversion rates over time for effective advertising efforts.
  • Pencil’s user-friendly interface allows marketers of all skill levels to create high-quality ads quickly with pre-made templates and customizable options.


  • Pencil’s AI capabilities are impressive, but they have limitations, as generated creatives may not align perfectly with the user’s brand identity or vision.
  • Pencil’s user-friendly design may require some initial familiarity with ad design jargon or new users to fully grasp its functionality.

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Final Thoughts

In the ever-changing world of advertising, there’s a need for innovation through the best AI tools for advertising free. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 Best AI Tools For Advertising in 2024.

These innovative solutions will redefine the marketing paradigm by seamlessly combining AI with automation and optimization to improve campaign performance.

They’ll give advertisers access to unprecedented insights, automation, and optimization, ushering in a whole new era of accuracy and impact.

Stay ahead of the competition in today’s advertising landscape by harnessing the power of the world’s best AI tools.

Take advantage of the transformative technologies of the future and make sure your campaigns resonate and thrive in the ever-changing digital world.

Lead with intelligence and elevate your advertising game via an AI marketing platform.

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