Top 27 Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing

Top 27 Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing

Ever wondered how giants like Google, IBM, and Airbnb stay ahead in the game? Well, they’ve got a secret weapon – The Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing!

We’ve done some detective work and rounded up the coolest ones just for you.

Picture this: the world of marketing was once a mysterious realm, but then along came AI, turning everything upside down. Now, there are tons of these AI tools popping up left and right, making it a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.

But fear not! We’re here to help you navigate this AI wonderland. First things first, figure out what you want your AI buddy to do for you. Ready to uncover the magic of artificial intelligence and supercharge your business? Let’s dive in!

Top 27 Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing: From Manual To Magical

Hold on to your hats, because the digital world is on the move, and so are the best AI tools for digital marketing that savvy marketers wield!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just a trendy word anymore – it’s taking center stage. Our guide is your backstage pass, exploring why AI tools are a big deal and giving you the lowdown on the top 27 best AI marketing tools.

Get ready to slash costs, turbocharge your workflows, boost efficiency, and uncover some seriously creative solutions!

Best AI Tools For Marketing Strategy

best ai tools for marketing strategy

There are several AI tools that can significantly enhance marketing strategy by automating tasks, providing valuable insights, and improving overall efficiency. Here are some of the Best AI Tools For Marketing Strategy.

1. ChatGPT:

Meet ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer)! Crafted by OpenAI, this AI chatbot hit the scene in November 2022.

Armed with natural language processing, it dishes out human-like conversations, answering questions, spinning stories, summarizing texts, and even belting out Taylor Swift-style lyrics! From coding edits to composing emails, ChatGPT’s got it covered.

Users toss in a prompt, and voila—intelligently-generated magic unfolds. Steering convos to the desired vibe, length, or language?

Yep, ChatGPT nails it when it comes to the best AI tools for digital marketing!

2. Claude:

Meet Claude AI! Cooked up by Anthropic, an AI safety startup, Claude is your chatbot buddy designed for safe and natural convos. Launched in March 2023 with a sleek version upgrade, Claude 2, in July 2023. You can enjoy a free taste or go for the Pro version.

Accessible via website, app, or through buddies like Slack, Claude can whip up summaries from PDFs (with some free limits).

Note, though: the free version taps out at 10MB for PDFs and dishes out around five summaries every four hours. Unfortunately, Excel sheets aren’t Claude’s forte, but toss it a CSV, and you’re golden!

3. Bing:

Say hello to the Bing AI chatbot, your ingenious ally in the realm of creativity! Unleash its prowess to craft marketing masterpieces, whether you’re seeking punchy social media captions or thought-provoking blog post concepts.

Dive deep into content research, where the Bing AI chatbot becomes your guide, offering a nuanced and succinct overview of any topic you desire. Elevate your creative game with this dynamic companionship of the best AI tools for digital marketing!

Best AI Tools For Website Creation

best ai tools for website creation

AI tools can greatly assist in website creation, simplifying tasks, enhancing design, and improving overall user experience. Here are some of the Best AI Tools For Website Creation

4. 10web:

Discover 10Web, the cloud-based AI-powered WordPress platform! Seamlessly build, host, and manage websites with AI tools for quick and code-free website creation.

Key features include the AI Assistant, a lightning-fast content writer/editor, and an e-commerce website Builder for personalized online stores.

Ideal for small businesses, eCommerce, agencies, and freelancers, 10Web accelerates new ventures and enhances digital presence. Elevate your website game effortlessly!

5. Durable:

Check out Durable. co-crowned one of the top AI website builders by Unite.AI in January 2024. This AI-powered gem crafts complete websites, handling content, images, and even integrated marketing tools.

Building with Durable is a breeze:

Sign up => Answer business-related questions => Review the AI-crafted design => Customize to your heart’s content => Add your magic and hit publish.

Consider your website needs, user-friendliness, customization, mobile responsiveness, AI capabilities, and customer support when choosing your AI website builder. Elevate your web presence effortlessly with the best AI tools for digital marketing!

6. Framer:

Introducing Framer AI, your go-to AI tool for instant website creation and deployment. With simple text inputs, users can effortlessly launch tailored web pages, craft harmonious font combinations, design color palettes, and more.

Framer AI’s user-friendly interface includes a handy shuffle tool for finding the ideal mix of fonts, themes, and colors to match your style effortlessly. 

Best AI Tools For Content Writing

best ai tools for content writing

Several AI tools can assist in content writing by generating ideas, providing suggestions, and even creating entire pieces of content. Here are some of the Best AI Tools For Content Writing.

7. Rytr:

Meet Rytr AI, your ultimate online writing companion powered by AI. It’s your go-to for:

  • Spotting errors
  • Offering corrections
  • Crafting top-notch content
  • Scaling content creation
  • Enhancing writing quality
  • Creating Insta-worthy captions

Rytr AI employs scientific copywriting formulas like AIDA and PAS, supports 30+ languages, boasts 20+ tones of voice, and excels in over 40 content creation scenarios. Elevate your writing effortlessly with the best AI tools for digital marketing!

8. Jasper:

Meet Jasper – a writing wizard! This savvy wordsmith can whip up a copy on any topic with ease. Claiming to have “read” 10% of the internet, Jasper’s got the chops.

I put it to the test, asking for 40 words on AI in business automation. Not bad, right? While it needs a human touch for flow and battles a bit of repetition, Jasper’s a nifty tool for creating drafts.

Whether you’re drafting emails, describing products, writing blog posts, or crafting landing pages, Jasper’s got your back. With a user-friendly dashboard and budget-friendly rates, it won’t turn you into Tolstoy, but it sure keeps those SEO scores soaring.

Plus, with over 5,000 5-star reviews, it’s a crowd-pleaser!

9. Writesonic:

Meet Writesonic, your AI writing companion for boosted productivity. Ideal for creating top-notch content like blog posts, SEO meta-descriptions, and ads.

It generates ideas, outlines, and high-quality articles swiftly. Perfect for small businesses, it offers a free trial with limited but impactful features. Elevate your content creation game with Writesonic! 

Best AI Tools For Chatbot Operation

best ai chatbot

There are several AI tools available for chatbot operations that can enhance customer interactions, automate responses, and provide a seamless conversational experience. Here are some of the Best AI Tools For Chatbot Operation.

10. Chatbase:

Explore Chatbase, your go-to conversational AI platform by Google’s Area 120. Utilizing Google’s machine learning, it builds AI chatbots using ChatGPT for personalized website interactions. Ideal for customer support and FAQs.

Simply upload your documents, train ChatGPT, and add the chat widget. While Chatbase doesn’t provide free trials, its efficient setup and learning capabilities are game-changers as one of the best AI tools for digital marketing.

11. SiteGPT:

SiteGPT redefines customer service with 24/7 AI support, automating responses and doubling staff productivity.

It offers personalized chatbots, daily email summaries, and seamless human escalation. Ideal for any support-focused entity, SiteGPT aims to reduce tickets, boost productivity, and enhance user experience.

12. Chatsonic:

Chatsonic is another best AI tools for digital marketing, powered by natural language processing, excels in answering questions, recalling past interactions, and processing recent events.

Ideal for automating customer service, crafting emails, and generating insights, it’s safe, doesn’t collect personal data, and is available on Gmail and mobile apps.

Best AI Tools For Image Designing

best ai tools for image design

AI tools for image designing leverage machine learning algorithms to assist in creating, enhancing, or modifying images. Here are some of the Best AI Tools For Image Designing.

13. Midjourney:

Midjourney, a closed-source AI program introduced by David Holz in 2022, creates lifelike images from natural language prompts. Similar to DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, it employs language and diffusion models.

To generate an image, type “/imagine” or “/”, select “imagine,” input the description in the prompt field, and press enter.

14. DALL.E:

DALL-E, crafted by OpenAI and developed by Hashmat Wani, generates realistic images from textual descriptions.

By responding to prompts, this one of the best AI tools for digital marketing samples images from its learning distribution, understanding concepts like lighting, hats, and animals.

DALL-E 2, trained on vast text-image pairs, enforces a content policy against harmful or inappropriate creations.

15. Stable Diffusion:

Stable Diffusion, part of the AI spring, is a generative model producing photorealistic images from text and image prompts since 2022.

It extends its capabilities to crafting videos and animations, offering artistic or camera-like realism. To use Stable Diffusion, describe your image and click “Generate image.”

Choose from versions like 2.1, 2.1-768, SDXL 0.9, SDXL 1.0 (default), and SDXL Beta. Some prompts include a person in tall grass, a flower close-up, a cityscape bird’s-eye view, an ocean sunset, or a child playing with a toy.

Best AI Tools For Video Editing

best ai tools for video editing

AI tools for video editing have become increasingly popular, offering features that automate tasks, enhance visual quality, and improve overall efficiency. Here are some of the Best AI Tools For Video Editing.

16. HeyGen:

HeyGen, a leading AI video generator, enhances video creation with features like AI Avatar Video Creation, AI Voice Cloning, and Talking Photo Generation. With 120+ AI avatars, 300+ voices, and 300+ templates, HeyGen simplifies video production for various purposes.

Create branded videos effortlessly using templates or customize your own. The AI Voice Cloning ensures a lifelike reproduction of human voices in eight languages.

Additionally, Talking Photo allows you to animate any photo with a natural human voice in over 100 languages and accents, making it a versatile and enjoyable content creation platform.

17. Synthesia:

Synthesia, an AI video generation platform, employs text-to-video technology using AI avatars for video creation from text.

Tailored for enterprise and tech sectors, it simplifies video production for employee onboarding, training, and product walkthroughs.

Companies benefit by transforming their content into AI videos for training, sales, or support purposes.

Synthesia facilitates the creation of high-quality, personalized videos in over 120 languages without the need for costly equipment or technical skills. Notably, Lay’s collaborated with Synthesia for the Messi Messages campaign in 2021.

18. Runway:

Runway AI, an AI-driven video generator, boasts a user-friendly interface enabling users to import footage, enhance videos with text, music, and effects, and generate AI-powered videos from their phone recordings.

With tools like Gen-1 and Gen-2, Runway AI’s Gen-2 model introduces features such as text prompts for creating short videos and image uploading for motion addition.

For now, individual generations are capped at 4 seconds, with a default resolution of 768×448 with one of the best AI tools for digital marketing.

Best AI Tools For Graphic Design

best ai tools for graphic design

AI tools for graphic design have revolutionized the industry by automating tasks, offering creative suggestions, and streamlining the design process. Here are some of the Best AI Tools For Graphic Design.

19. Flair AI:

Flair AI, an AI-driven design tool, empowers users with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to craft branded content effortlessly.

It facilitates the swift creation of high-quality marketing assets, enables speedy photoshoot setups, allows product shoots from any location, preserves brand intricacies, and designs captivating graphics tailored for various social media platforms.

Additionally, Flair AI boasts an extensive library featuring a plethora of templates and icons.

20. Booth AI:

Booth AI uses AI to create high-quality lifestyle photos without physical samples in three simple steps. It’s ideal for retailers, manufacturers, and creators looking for fast, cost-effective, and professional image generation.

Transform phone snaps into polished product photos effortlessly. This graphic designing tool is undoubtedly the best AI tools for digital marketing.

21. Canva AI:

Canva provides a range of AI tools like Text to Image, Magic Grab, Magic Expand, AI Photo Editor, AI-powered Resume/CV Builder, AI Voice, and Magic Design for nonprofit graphics.

It also offers AI image generators like Magic Media’s Text to Image, DALL-E by Open AI, and Imagen by Google Cloud.

Best AI Tools For Advertising

best ai tools for advertising

AI tools for advertising play a crucial role in optimizing ad campaigns, targeting the right audience, and improving overall efficiency. Here are some of the Best AI Tools For Advertising.

22. Adcreative: stands out as the go-to AI tool for advertising success! Craft numerous high-performing ad creatives, texts, and audiences effortlessly.

Tailored for advertisers, it generates conversion-focused ad assets in one place. The “Competitor Insights AI” feature unveils top-performing ads, sparking inspiration.

Get started with a logo upload, brand color selection, and swift generation of conversion-centric ad assets.

23. Simplified:

Simplified AI, tailored for efficient content creation, streamlines tasks for small teams with limited resources.

It crafts text, imagery, and video content, designs marketing copy, collaborates on social media, produces professional slides, and offers AI-driven copywriting tools. Simplify your workflow with diverse content creation capabilities.

24. Pencil:

Pencil, an AI-powered platform, swiftly generates high-performing static and video ad creatives for brands.

Ideal for Facebook and TikTok, it learns from user choices, creates new ad concepts in minutes, and enables quick adjustments. Elevate your advertising game with Pencil’s efficient AI capabilities.

Best AI Tools For Making Music

best ai tools for making music

AI tools for making music have become increasingly sophisticated, providing musicians and producers with innovative ways to compose, generate, and enhance musical elements. Here are some of the Best AI Tools For Making Music.

25. Boomy:

Boomy, available on both website and app, employs AI to craft personalized music, especially for podcast episodes, aligning with users’ styles.

Utilizing a statistics-based approach, it offers easy customization through editing tools, requiring minimal effort and no musical experience. Boomy caters to beginners, independent artists, musicians, songwriters, and creators, as highlighted by

26. Amper:

As per a Musicfy AI Blog report, Amper Music, an AI music composition tool, has ceased its operations.

This cloud-based platform of the best AI tools for digital marketing enabled users to craft personalized music tracks for various purposes, boasting a user-friendly interface and an extensive library of pre-composed musical elements for creative compositions.

27. JukeDeck:

Jukedeck, crafted by OpenAI, is your go-to AI music composer for effortless music creation.

Tailor your piece with style, genre, mood, and more. Generate your unique melody in 30 seconds to 5 minutes, then refine it with the user-friendly on-platform music editor.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

When you are searching for the best AI tools for digital marketing, you might have several questions in your head.

That is why, here I am answering some of the most common questions regarding the best AI tools marketers should know about.

Q1: What is The Best AI for marketing?

What are the best AI tools for marketing? Check out this list:

Jasper AI: Your copywriting wizard.

Surfer SEO: SEO content maestro.

Lexica Art: Master of blog thumbnails.

Originality AI: AI content detective.

Content at Scale: SEO blog post generator.

Sprout: Social conversation guru. Team-friendly content creator.

Phrase: Optimize your existing content.

Unleash the power of AI in your marketing arsenal!

Q2: How is AI Used As a Marketing Tool?

Harness the magic of AI! With speedy machine learning algorithms, it dives into vast customer data, predicting future behaviors, offering personalized content, and unveiling patterns in colossal datasets for savvy marketers to seize upon.

Q3: What is AI Marketing Software?

These are software gems utilizing AI for automated decisions based on data. While AI in marketing often conjures content creation, your role determines the varied ways you can leverage AI magic. In case you are looking for the best AI tools for small business, these tools can help you a lot.

Q4: What Are The AI Tools Marketers Should Know?

When you are looking for the best AI tools for business, these can help you as a marketer.

Chatbots: Boost customer satisfaction on your website.

Predictive analytics: Decode historical data, predicting future trends.

Generative AI: Dive deep into customer sentiment and behavior through text analysis.

Albert AI: Machine learning automates ad buying and optimization.

Jasper AI: Unleash the power of AI in copywriting.

HubSpot: A comprehensive AI-powered marketing platform with CRM, chatbots, email automation, and content optimization.

More in the toolkit: Lexica Art, Content at Scale, Surfer SEO,, Originality AI.

Q5: What Are The Best AI Tools For Affiliate Marketing?

Here is the list of the best AI tools for affiliate marketers.

  • Jasper.
  • Grammarly.
  • Design AI.
  • Anyword.
  • Copy AI.
  • Writesonic.
  • Synthesia.
  • Scalenut.
  • Frase.

Q6: What Are The Best Free AI Tools for Digital Marketing?

Here, check out these amazing free AI tools for marketing. Whether you are looking for free ai tools for business these can actually save you. 

  • CopyAI: email marketing.
  • Writesonic: ad setup.
  • Rytr: budget-friendly online store.
  • LookaAI: AI design.


In the ever-evolving landscape of AI-powered tools, a myriad of platforms emerges, each catering to unique needs and niches.

From content creation to music composition, and ad generation to website building, these tools showcase the prowess of artificial intelligence in simplifying tasks and boosting creativity.

Whether you’re a marketer, content creator, or music enthusiast, these AI companions stand ready to enhance your capabilities and streamline your workflow with the best AI tools for digital marketing.

As technology continues to advance, these tools exemplify the limitless possibilities AI brings to our creative endeavors. Embrace the future of innovation with these cutting-edge AI solutions!

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