Top 3 Best AI Tools For Making Music in 2024

Top 3 Best AI Tools For Making Music in 2024

AI is being used more and more in various fields of art, such as music, film, etc. When AI is used in the music industry, it can affect all aspects of the music-making process, from music generation to audio mastering to music streaming. Another great advantage of Best AI Tools for Making Music is that it provides amateur musicians with an innovative way to enhance their creative process.

In the music industry, like in many other industries, AI is being used as a complement rather than as a substitute for human artists.

Many professionals, researchers, musicians, and record labels are looking for new ways to incorporate AI technologies into the music industry.

Which AI can create music?

Some software can create works in the styles of different composers.

Some software uses machine learning algorithms to create brand-new songs and sounds.

One of the best things about these Best AI Tools for Making Music free is that they are open-source.

Anyone can access them and start improving on the technologies already available.

Top 3 Best AI Tools For Making Music In 2024 That Will Blow Your Mind

AI has made life easier for all people in various fields. People in the music industry are no different in experiencing the ease of using the best AI tools for making music.

If you have been asking if can AI be used for music production or How to make songs with AI, here is all you need to know about the top AI for music production.

1. Boomy

Boomy, being launched back on 12th May 2021, lets you create your own original songs in just a few clicks. It’s easy to use, and it’s free to use for both beginners and professionals.

You can upload your original audio tracks directly to popular streaming services like Spotify and TikTok, as well as Apple Music and YouTube. You can also earn royalties when your songs reach a certain number of listens.

How To Use Boomy

  • Visit Boomy’s webpage and hit the “Create Your Song” button.
  • Complete your sign-up and click on the “Accept” button.
  • Create your first song by choosing the style. Press the “Preview” to check the style before proceeding.
  • Depending on your genre, you’ll have different types of drums and synthesizers to choose from. Tap the Play button to listen to some samples, then hit the Create Song button.
  • After that, Boomy will start to play the song. It will play the song as if you were listening to it. You can then edit the song with more choices. Once you are done, click Save to save the song to the Library.


  • Offers unlimited creating, editing, and saving of songs.
  • Release review pretty fast with 10 releases each month.
  • Per release includes 25 songs.
  • Offers file download in MP3 and WAV formats.
  • Aids in non-commercial use in video, live stream, and own songs.
  • Aids in commercial use in podcasts, media advertisements, and social media.


  • Claim songs without attribution to the user.
  • Low income and no music review process.

2. Amper

Amper Music AI is a user-friendly AI music generator coming into the list of the Best AI Tools for Making Music that transforms pre-recorded samples into real audio.

It allows users to fine-tune instruments, keys, tempo, and mood to achieve desired vibes.

Amper Music is suitable for content creators and individuals creating soundtracks for games, movies, or podcasts, with a premium edition offering additional features for artists.

How To Use Amper

  • Visit Amper Music’s official website and sign up.
  • Choose the mood and style for your music.
  • Customize your track accordingly.
  • Wait till the AI generates your unique track depending on your customizations.
  • Preview and edit before finalizing.
  • Once satisfied, download the track in your preferred format and use it in your projects.


  • Generates unique music for multipurpose use at a fast pace.
  • Offers a huge list of various instrument types and music samples.
  • Offers efficient tools for enhancing music production.
  • Users need no technical knowledge to make use of one of the best AI tools for making music.


  • Only platform customers within the European Union are entitled to a refund after making a payment.

3. JukeDeck

JukeDeck, developed by OpenAI, uses a neural network to generate music, including basic singing, in the form of raw audio samples from different genres and artists.

Being one of the free AI tools for music production, it can also simulate basic singing, and can handle long sequences of music, including 4-minute songs with more than 10 million iterations.

JukeDeck’s hybrid approach treats music as if it were raw audio, compressed into a smaller space, and then upsampled back to raw.

Being launched in 2014, it can be used to create video soundtracks offering AI music composer that creates short films, as well as YouTube series.

AI is not a substitute for human music creation even with the Best AI Tools for Making Music.

How To Use JukeDeck

  • Visit JukeDeck’s official website and sign up.
  • While creating your new project or music, choose a genre that you prefer.
  • Choose your desired track length.
  • Customize the instrument type.
  • Customize the exact beats per minute.
  • Your track gets ready in a couple of minutes.


  • Offers a neutral network.
  • Offers real-time editing for music.
  • Permits free music generation without any requirement of a license.
  • Offers customization in the length and tempo of your track.


  • None

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Bottom Line

AI is a must-have in the ever-changing world of music creation. As we move into 2024, the search for the best artificial intelligence tools for creating music continues to intensify.

These cutting-edge tools combine creativity with technology to help musicians of all skill levels create incredible compositions with ease and precision.

There are so many options to choose from, but the best of the best in this domain all have one thing in common: an intuitive interface, a wide range of features, and the capacity to customize to individual preferences and styles.

These Best AI Tools for Making Music go beyond the limits of what is possible with a wide range of functions, from intelligent composition & arrangement suggestions to sophisticated sound manipulation & synthesis techniques.

They also serve as invaluable partners in the creative process, providing insightful suggestions and cutting-edge algorithms that take musical expression to the next level.

Can you use ChatGPT to make music?

You can create lyrics but not music as the final product.

Whether you are a veteran producer, an up-and-coming artist, or just a music enthusiast, these tools provide an unparalleled opportunity to explore and experiment.

Additionally, you can find more AI music tools on Reddit and music AI tools on Google on the internet to try out.

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